“George Ohsawa” once commented how a tree lives for 1000’s of years by maintaining a very simple and inexpensive yet totally inspiring existence. How? Free of costly supplements, and special therapies, a tree receives nourishment by integrating its life with the same powerful forces of nature that surround all life forms. A tree lives with very basic needs yet shares so much passion by influencing and feeding the souls of all beings who appreciate its majestic presence. These life creating forces of nature are truly remarkable. ISOHA teaches students to integrate these forces of nature into each nutritional counseling.

Now there is scientific evidence verifying the power of these primal sources of energy that ancient cultures have spoken of for thousands of years. The basis of all life that the ancients spoke of as the complementary energies of Yin/Yang are now referred to as gravity, electromagnetic, strong(holding material together) and weak(moving phenomena apart) forces. The Tao, Wuji, or Infinite universe, now referred to as the Unified or Zero Point field is the space that nourishes all life forms.

Our Whole Foods Nutritional Counselor Program  brings together the two perspectives of scientific knowledge and Energetic properties of foods. We instruct students  on how to help people nourish their  lives by balancing nutrients with the energies that best complement each person’s  nutritional needs. An overly pressured individual, will  be best served by understanding which foods can open and relax his  body mind spirit while providing the nutrients that  complement the functioning of all his body systems. The ISOHA Nutritional counselor will go deeper than addressing  the clients symptoms by assessing which body system is most lacking and which is overworking. The extremes of this balance is the root/source of any symptoms. Physiology and Pathology are integrated with Lifestyle and nutritional deficiencies or excesses in order to provide a Holistic approach to  diet.

ISOHA students  recommendations consist primarily of whole foods and herbs as the main  ingredients of a nutritional counseling session.  Supplements are a secondary recommendation in cases of severe deficiencies.All life forms require  three primal nutrients in order to survive. First is air, next is food and third is nourishing relationships. All of these must be addressed in a nutritional counseling session. Energetic studies include  Ayurvedic, Macrobiotics, and Traditional Chines Medicine. Western diet perspectives studied include, Raw, Cooked, Alkaline, high protein and Vegan approaches. ISOHA counselors are taught to assess which of the above influences  match the constitution and condition of each client. We treat people’s individual needs without ascribing to any one right or wrong approach- BALANCE

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