SOHA East/West Aromatherapist

Ancient health systems including Ayurveda assert that the sound of the breath is represented by the syllables:: SO (inhale) and HA (exhale). Listen to your breath. Do you hear the similarity [...]

Whole Foods Nutritional Counselor

“George Ohsawa” once commented how a tree lives for 1000’s of years by maintaining a very simple and inexpensive yet totally inspiring existence. How? Free of costly [...]

Feng Shui/Chinese Astrology Consultant

Graduates will attain expertise in doing consultations for home or office. Seymour’s approach integrates clients’ heath tendencies and life lessons according to Chinese astrology, [...]

Massage Therapist

This program satisfies the requirements of Czech State licensing. For California and USA licensing please check your local and State Requirements for schools that fulfill USA standards.

Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu

What is Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu ? Zen-Touch™ is an innovative hybrid of shiatsu, acupressure, and Asian/Eastern bodywork created by Seymour Koblin. Practitioners apply pressure while [...]

Tai Chi Form Practitioner/Instructor

TAI Chi Chuan in Czech Republic The Chinese Classics on Tai Chi Chuan form say that: “doing the form repeatedly is like climbing a high mountain- the higher we climb the clearer we see. We [...]

Chi Kung Practitioner/Instructor

Chi Kung  Practitioner/Instructor 100 hrs- 28,000 Kc The Chi Kung Practitioner/Instructor training includes 50 hrs of public classes and  private internship classes with Seymour Koblin. [...]

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