What do you do? Answer Why, before What

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When someone asks me: what do you do?:
 I say something like:

WHY: the Feeling:

“before I answer what I do, it’s important for me to tell you that everything I do is based on the satisfaction and joy I receive when I see and feel the inspiration my clients and students report on how their consciousness, lifestyle and health has improved since we met.”

  Person replies something like (Really?…… or runs away)

My Big Picture Desire:

For me, everyone  has a very important life purpose that when followed affects and ripples out  in a beneficial way to the rest of the world. That life purpose is written on our face, hands, body language birthdate and even the sound of our name.  My work is directly connected to using this information to assist people in  evolving health and soul consciousness . Beneath this altruistic purpose is a method that helps  people to achieve their desires through creating balance”

What? equals Balance

Balancing the Forces of Nature

 How and what:

I do this by offering an innovative therapy I have created called  Zen-Touch™ . It integrates body reading, lifestyle recommendations and subconscious healing into a method that some people would describe as….

WHAT: Massage or Bodywork Therapy that includes nutrition, exercise and way of life suggestions

 Request: Does  the description of my work interest you? Here is my business card or if you like we can set up an introductory session?

WHEN: set an appointment time.

These points are part of the 4 points of Compassionate ( non-violent communication) created by Marshall Rosenberg

Action, Feeling, Big Picture Desire, Request

When people understand why we do what we do, they become participants in a deeper dialogue that ultimately catalyzes the healing process-and that is what are all here to do.

Scan your body
Quiet the mind….Shhh
In the still place between breaths
is your Why What  How When

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