Healing Our World? Make it so.

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Healing-The Inspired Journey of Integrating Body Mind Spirit

Welcome to  International School of Healing Arts. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, with affiliate Schools, Colleges, Holistic Centers, Practitioners and Teachers throughout USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia and Mexico. Founded by Seymour Koblin, with over 30 years of Holistic/Complementary Health skills, ISOHA provides a high level of education and therapy for all who are inspired  to embody deeper consciousness based on vital health of Body Mind Spirit.

Seymour’s Books, The Art of Zen-Touch™,  Food For Life, Shaping Our Destiny, Vision Training and Traditional Home Remedies are used internationally as references and methods for creating  radiant health. Guided meditations like Nutri-Journey™, Deep Sleep and Deep Relaxation combine Seymour’s Music and spoken word to create health transformation through both conscious and subconscious means.

It is estimated that 95-99% of human operations are operated by the subconscious mind. The subconscious works at approximately 40 million bits per second. In comparison, the conscious mind that works at about 40 bits/second has quite a task of changing any limiting patterns that are being  run without our awareness. “When you get to my age____.”
“It’s hard to change” Do you deserve _________ _________ ______” What programs are running us?

 How to  manage our Healing by transforming limiting patterns

5 element senses 2 color

Healing with the senses

The sense organs, located  on our outer layer of skin are both entrance and exit points of active and potential healing signals.~ Doorways to the Soul ~Vibrations, frequencies and waves of energy receiving and transmitting….. all ways.
Ears: Audio signals- Music, atmospheric sounds, Poetry
Eyes:  Visual signals-Colors,  Surroundings Mandalas
Lips, Tongue: Taste stimuli- Foods, Saliva quality, Kissing
Skin: Touch Stimulation- Nature, Living environment, Lotions, Embrace, Massage
Nose: “Scent u all” signals, Nature, Living environment,(e.g. kitchen, bathroom)
Brain: Personal Interpretations of the 5 senses- Perception and beliefs signaled from our sense organs interpret  and create our reality.

 In the sound of their voices,
in the vision of her eyes,
in the taste of his sweet caress,
in the touch of every pore,
I breathe the scent of each momentary experience.
Shall I use it or let it use me?

 Shhh…. listen…. Look within……Feel….. Breathe

                                                       Sight and Sound -doorways to the soul




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