USA Weekend and Weekday dates and times in November 2016  California,  will be posted before August 1st.

Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu USA Dates:

Seymour’s flowing improvisational Bodywork style that combines Intuitive health assessment with nurturing touch that educates clients to activate their own healing powersZen-Touch™ Shiatsu USA

Calm Passionate Communication USA Dates :

Learn to speak to ourselves and others with language that heals and inspires connection, win/win resolutions (no compromises) and consciousness evolution. Apply the principles of Tai Chi- yielding and 4 ozs. against 1000 lbs to neutralize aggressive attacks and turn the strongest adversary into a cooperative ally.mirroring communication USA


Body Reading For Health Love And Life Path USA Dates:
Body Reading-Face USA

Learn how our external body,face, body language, palms, birthdates and even your name includes important signals that when listened to and acted upon shape the path of our ultimate Destiny.

Vision Training USA Dates:

A complete health perspective with practices for Whole body health specifically targeted to improving your Vision-Physically, Emotionally and training USA

Chi & Nei Kung, Tai Chi Chi Chuan And Taoist Meditation USA Dates:

These Chi Cultivation & Circulation  skills when practiced regularly form the pillars of Vital Health and  Life Longevity

Chi /Nei Kung USA

The model of health portrayed in this text depicts the body as a microcosm of the entire universe where the condition of our body/mind/spirit is intimately connected to the forces of nature: contraction/expansion, hot/cold, ascending/descending, gravity/electromagnetism, day/night, seasonal cycles, etc. These environmen-tal forces influence all activity, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Similarly, our personal choices have an equal-ly significant impact on our surroundings.

Every personal action creates a complementary reaction in our immediate environment and beyond. The qual-ities, virtues and feelings, (positive or negative) we embody act like a stone dropped in water – rippling influ-ence everywhere.  Personal action is like a thread, weaving its way through the interconnected tapestry of life. Directing ourselves to contribute uniquely to this shared path creates an extraordinary world where people’s lives intertwine, grow, develop, and adapt within a united destiny. This depth of health and consciousness we generate within ourselves is a reflection of our ability to affect others.

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